Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to Alaska.

October 14th was a pretty great day. My mom and I had our airline tickets for Alaska in hand, our bags were packed, and we were ready to go. We flew Alaska Airlines nonstop from O'hare to Anchorage departing at 6 pm and arrived in Anchorage at 10:30 [although the flight was a bit longer then that, we gained three hours in the air]. By the time we landed it was too dark to really see that we were completely surrounded by beautiful mountains the entire time we were driving into Wasilla. Even with all the excitement about this new adventure, we tried to get a good night sleep so we could go explore in the morning.

That next morning we headed into the CYAK office to go through a little orientation, and to meet some of my new office mates! We took a little break and headed over to Pandemonium to get some coffee and meet a few of the team members who work out on the road system.

As part of our orientation we got to go on a 'mini fieldtrip' to this place called hatcher's pass. It was beautiful.

Next in our list of must-do's while mom was in town was to go to Anchorage.
                          we saw a few sights.

and even discovered a Wyland mural

all in all a great day in the city.

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  1. Suzi's Woolies!! What was it like inside?

    You're a great writer, Britt. I never knew!